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Property Sales

The right selling price

Selling a property is no easy task, as the owners who go through the process rapidly find out, if only when they have to set a selling price.

In this first crucial phase, the property is often undervalued and the owner may miss out on significant profit. Conversely, the property may also be overvalued. In this case, the owner not only risks not finding a buyer, but above all giving the property a bad reputation which will then be very difficult to undo.

Efficient, honest and transparent brokers

Well aware of the stakes involved in selling real estate which is sometimes worth several millions, our brokers are here to help you to position your property, and then to find a buyer.

Analysts and connoisseurs of the local market, our brokers undertake to sell your property at the best price and as soon as possible. They have an extensive address book (made up of major influencers) and may also suggest that you undertake minor refurbishment work to increase the value of your property.

A valuable role as intermediary

Helping real estate owners to sell their property is a responsibility which we assume diligently. We put all our sales channels at your disposal and accompany you at every step of the process, be it to guide or advise you or to reconcile the interests of each party.

We specialise in the sale of:

  • condominium apartments and villas;
  • housing and commercial investment properties;
  • professional buildings;
  • building land and brownfield sites.

You can relax as you

  • benefit from our in-depth knowledge of prices and the market;
  • sell at the best price;
  • benefit from a more extensive pool of potential buyers;
  • are assured that all transactions will comply with the legal framework and agreed terms.

Your contacts in Lausanne

Alberto Fernandez
Sales manager - real estate broker

“The broker profession means above all connecting individuals with living spaces. One must truly respect both people and properties and have a strong sense of responsibility.”

Nello Petito
Development manager

“Team spirit fosters the creation of synergies which are essential to any major project.”

Victoria Marques

"The profession requires a good understanding of other people and a great ability to anticipate and translate everyone's expectations."

Lorenzo Fiammetta
Real estate broker

“The key things are effective communication, in-depth knowledge of the market and unwavering integrity. These essential qualities help us listen to our clients’ needs carefully, support their plans and treat them as genuine individuals.”

Your contact in Montreux

Ardit Dinaj

«  A passion for the work, sound knowledge and the right values are the keys to being a good broker.  »

Nicolas Constantin
Real estate broker

“Every property is different. However, there is one point they all have in common: a human being who takes an interest in them.”