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People-centred management

deRham owes its longevity to its inexhaustible desire to meet challenges and to its spirit of service which makes the customer its number one priority. Our company is also characterised by a management policy committed to human values which contribute to individual growth in a climate of mutual trust and respect.

Jean-Jacques Morard

“The level of precision required to maximise returns on real estate assets can only be achieved by building a team of experienced specialists who also have a good overall vision of real estate economics.”

Olivier Moser

“I am convinced that a company’s success and customer satisfaction depend on cooperation between well-organised and highly professional teams. It is this same requirement that drives us all at deRham.”

Denis Vaucher

“Customers who come to deRham rightfully expect to enjoy top quality modern services as well as crystal-clear financial information."

Highly dedicated professional teams

Our teams bring together dedicated professionals. They pool their skills to support you in all your projects and with the necessary procedures. Moreover, in order best to meet your expectations, they benefit from the support of all our technical, legal and administrative staff.

Property Management Department

Vincent Christinet
Team Leader

“A property manager’s job is synonymous with openness. You must enjoy talking with people and be sensitive to their needs.”

Fabrice Morel
Team Leader

“A good property manager must above all be a good adviser - a decision-making aid.”

Christel Nicolas
Property Manager

“Supporting clients in their choices means that you have to understand their motivations and ensure that they have all the information they need to make a decision.”

Livio Vantaggio
Property Manager

"Being a property manager means putting your skills at the service of a life project in order to ensure its viability and success."

Laura Maregrande
Property Manager

"To meet each owner's requirements a property manager has to be passionate about his or her job and determined to provide high quality services."

Andrea Tardo
Property Manager

"Property management requires in-depth technical knowledge as well as interpersonal skills which only come with time and experience."

Frédéric Baechler
Property Manager

"Professional strictness and rigour are essential, but they only make sense when they are part of a relationship based on human dialogue and respect."

Sales Department

Alberto Fernandez

“The broker profession means above all connecting individuals with living spaces. One must truly respect both people and properties and have a strong sense of responsibility.”

Nello Petito

“Team spirit fosters the creation of synergies which are essential to any major project.”

Victoria Marques

"The profession requires a good understanding of other people and a great ability to anticipate and translate everyone's expectations."

Property Rental Department

Catarina Sblandano
Rental Broker

“Not being stuck in your ways and being open to new perspectives also means nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit which is essential to our balance.”

Nadia Cresta
Rental Property Broker

“Knowing your region inside out while being sincerely interested in people from different horizons is an indispensable asset in our profession."

Property Valuation

Véronique Campiche
Expert in Real Estate Appraisal

“The stakes involved in appraising a property are considerable. Perfect knowledge of the market, analytical and synthetic thinking, as well as a solid financial experience are essential to any valuation assignment.”

Property Upgrades

Julien Gaymard
Project Manager

"Being a project manager means putting your skills at the service of a life project in order to ensure its viability and success."