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Property Upgrades

A wide range of skills to serve your project

Investing in stone involves investing time and energy to complete a project close to one’s heart. We know from experience how important it is, when it comes to such an undertaking, to have a competent team by one’s side to ensure that the end result is true to the original idea.

With this in mind, we are always there to serve your project and bring you real added value at every stage of its design and implementation. Our architects and technicians help you to identify the works that add most value to your property. They advise and assist you in designing your project by developing tailor-made solutions with you to guarantee the best value for money while meeting your own aspirations and requirements. Finally, our construction management department ensures the smooth progress and quality of the works and that deadlines and costs meet the objectives set.

Upgrades may relate to many aspects and meet various requirements. These may include renovating apartments or communal areas, cleaning up the building envelope or adding floors to an existing building, for example.
Depending on your needs and budget, we are able to provide all the services needed to upgrade your building and to make it easier for you to obtain subsidies related to certain improvements or repairs.

As part of a building upgrade assignment, our expertise includes:

  • performing a complete technical analysis and helping you to identify the priority works to be carried out;
  • designing and developing a project which meets your expectations in compliance with all legal, tax, environmental, economic and technical requirements;
  • establishing the general plan, organising and supervising the work;
  • ensuring that the costs and deadlines set are actually met.

You can relax as you

  • increase the value of your property in optimum conditions;
  • benefit from advice and support during the whole upgrading process;
  • have a single contact for all the works undertaken and a guarantee that the set objectives will be fully met;
  • can rely on a partner who has all the know-how to master the necessary steps to upgrade your property.

Your contact person

Julien Gaymard
Project Manager

"Being a project manager means putting your skills at the service of a life project in order to ensure its viability and success."