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Expert in Real Estate Appraisal
“The stakes involved in appraising a property are considerable. Perfect knowledge of the market, analytical and synthetic thinking, as well as a solid financial experience are essential to any valuation assignment.”

Véronique Campiche
Expert in Real Estate Appraisal

Born in 1979, Véronique Campiche, when she does not travel, enjoys whizzing around with her sports car club, going to the movies for a change of scenery and listening to music for a welcome break.

Véronique Campiche initially worked in the fields of debt collection and litigation before engaging in real estate, an area in which she obtained a federal certificate as an expert in real estate appraisal. In order to broaden her experience, she worked in the banking sector for four years as a real estate financing specialist. She subsequently joined a renowned real estate appraisal firm for four years. She came on board the deRham team as a real estate expert in 2016.