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Property Rental Department

Finding the right tenant is a job in itself

Marketing new or renovated apartments, residential buildings or business premises calls for specific know-how. In-depth knowledge of the market is required in order to set the right price. The premises must be efficiently promoted among the various target audiences and, finally, prospective tenants need to be welcomed with the individual attention which they deserve.

While property managers are usually in charge of tenant prospecting, at deRham we have teams dedicated to this profession which requires particular sensitivity and persuasiveness. We adjust our strategies to the nature of the owner - individual or institutional.

New or renovated apartments: an emotional issue

Whether you are a couple, a family or a single person, renting a newly appointed living space is a major symbol which often expresses a wish for a fresh start in a particular stage of life.

In order to reach these various audiences and ensure that they meet the standard of your building, we have various channels to market properties in an optimal fashion, such as websites or brochures dedicated to rental properties. We also organise open days and set up show apartments.

Individual housing or condominiums – where networking is the key factor

With residential real estate, our role is to create a relationship of trust between potential tenants and the owners wishing to rent out their residential apartment or upmarket villa.

Developing such relationships is possible thanks to our address book made up of contacts within major companies and international institutions on the one hand and, on the other hand, of exceptional homes with unique character. This work, which requires a sensitive business approach, is performed by a team of professional real estate brokers.

Commercial real estate: an investment in the future

For a company, occupying comfortable premises, adapted to the smooth running of its business, where each employee is at ease, is a major asset which may have a strong impact on company performance. In any case, this is what we observe and that is why a large number of companies trust us. With deRham, they are confident that they will enjoy a wide choice of commercial premises that are perfectly laid out and ideally located.

As for the owners of commercial properties, they also appreciate the unique service which we provide - in-depth knowledge of the local economy and SMEs coupled with an extensive network of regional and international companies.

We specialise in renting out :

  • new or renovated apartments
  • private homes (villas, condominiums)
  • commercial premises

You can relax as you

  • entrust tenant prospecting to experts specially trained in this profession;
  • promote your building with a targeted strategy and dedicated communication tools;
  • benefit from our network of influencers and major institutions to find the right tenant profile;
  • are assured of renting out your property as soon as possible.

Your contacts

Jessica Gabbani
Property Manager

«Our job involves understanding other people and a real ability to translate our clients’ expectations into reality.»

Marie-Louise Béglé
Residential Lettings and New Landlords Manager

“Our mission is to build a relationship of trust with owners and future tenants, through a combination of respect, accessibility and market knowledge.”