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Maximise the value of your land with our expertise in land development

Turnkey solutions for your building plot and comprehensive support to help you make the right decision.

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From development to marketing

We are here to guide you and help you choose the best option, whether that’s selling or enhancing the value of your land. Our priority is to listen to your expectations. Every piece of land has its own specific characteristics, which we are well equipped to identify.
  • Land development

    Maximise the value of your plot. Take advantage of a detailed analysis of the potential of your land to derive maximum value from it.
  • Expert guidance for a successful project

    Benefit from expert, transparent support at every stage of your land development project to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Swift, effective marketing

    Our team of dynamic, top-performing brokers is responsible for marketing your land, guaranteeing a quick transaction.
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Nello Petito
Development manager

“Team spirit fosters the creation of synergies which are essential to any major project.”

Alberto Fernandez
Sales manager - real estate broker

“The broker profession means above all connecting individuals with living spaces. One must truly respect both people and properties and have a strong sense of responsibility.”

Frequently asked questions

Sell or increase the value of my land?

Selling a building plot may seem straightforward: simply find a buyer willing to offer the best price in the right time frame. Our expertise means we can value your property accurately, according to its potential as a building plot. Clearly, the value of land in a residential area differs from that of a high-density zone, as do their potential purchasers. Building on solid commercial experience, we also have a network of reliable buyers with the funds to proceed.

Optimising the value of your land requires a professional approach. If you plan to maximise the profitability of your land by building on it, you need to be aware that this implies taking on certain risks and development costs. We are here to guide you, by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Whatever your questions or the direction you want to take, we are on hand to offer advice, support and expertise. Don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment with a seasoned property expert – no commitment required.

What do your services cost?

Our pricing model depends on your success: if you don’t make a profit, nor do we.

Einfacher ausgedrückt, es erfolgt keine Rechnungsstellung, solange die festgelegten Ziele nicht erreicht wurden. Auf diese Weise ist gewährleistet, dass unsere Interessen genau auf die Ihren ausgerichtet sind.

We offer a number of different options for our collaboration, including a mandate to sell your land and a mandate for additional advice, if you want to maximise the value of your land by taking advantage of our development expertise.

Interested? Talk to us in more detail to see how our offer can meet your specific needs.

Why should I choose de Rham?

Choosing de Rham means opting for expertise and dedication that have been tried and tested for over a century. Our team of seasoned professionals puts your interests at the heart of our approach, as emphasised in our code of ethics.
Our guiding principles are clear and non-negotiable:
  • Your interests as a client are our absolute priority.
  • De Rham’s objectives are secondary to those of our clients.
  • Our employees’ interests follow those of our clients and our business.
By working with de Rham, you’ll benefit not only from high-quality advice, but also the guarantee that each decision we take will be in your best interests.

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