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Property Valuation

Appraisals to guide the best choices

Although many owners are aware of how much their portfolio yields, few actually realise its actual value. Yet if you wish to sell your property or invest in work to increase its value which makes sense in both economic and real estate terms, an in-depth appraisal enables you to make the best decisions and exploit the full potential of your building.

Our valuation department works independently and appraises your property impartially. This is why many notaries public also call upon us in the framework of inheritance proceedings or donations, and architects regularly request our support.

Following thorough analysis of your property, our certified expert hands over a complete file and makes recommendations to help you make the most judicious choices with full knowledge of the facts. A real decision-making tool, such an appraisal may also prove invaluable in negotiations with your bank or, for example, if you decide to apply for a loan allowing you to renovate your building with tax optimisation in mind.
Our valuation department may also be called upon as part of our property management, rental or sales activities to provide added value to all our clients and partners.

As part of a valuation assignment, our expertise includes:

  • appraising the value of your property according to its type, condition, location and relevant market;
  • making recommendations based on your objectives;
  • establishing a complete file on which you may rely during negotiations.

You can relax as you

  • have a full appraisal of your property and are aware of its actual value;
  • can make an informed choice and the best decisions with full knowledge of the facts;
  • have useful information at your fingertips during negotiations or as part of your banking relationships;
  • may optimise your return on investment.

Your contact person

Véronique Campiche
Expert in Real Estate Appraisal

“The stakes involved in appraising a property are considerable. Perfect knowledge of the market, analytical and synthetic thinking, as well as a solid financial experience are essential to any valuation assignment.”