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Real-estate advice

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Assess all possible scenarios from the outset.

deRham has been active throughout the real-estate sector since 1899 and has a detailed understanding of the market thanks to its experts and well-established know-how, making it your ideal partner for long-term advice.

Whether you are looking at issues around inheritance, project development, legislation, building works or property management, our experts can support you in all areas of real estate.

deRham provides advice in every aspect of the sector to offer you a comprehensive service that is perfectly aligned to your needs. Our in-depth expertise in a range of independent but complementary fields guarantees that we are well placed to answer all your questions.

Our aim

Improve the economic performance of your real estate over the long term and help you take the right decisions.

Who is this service for?

It’s for everyone. We work for clients ranging from local authorities to institutional and private owners.

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We are here to answer all your questions.

Advice / Management / Real-estate strategies / Support / Studies / Economic feasibility analysis

Illustrative list of questions we can answer quickly


How do you make the right decision about your estate

How do you leave a gift?

How do you dissolve an advance on inheritance?

How does inheritance planning work?

How can I divide my estate fairly?

What can I do with inherited property?


Does the law on protecting and promoting rental property (LPPPL) apply to me?

Can I create a condominium?

How do you create a condominium?

How do you calculate the shares in a condominium?

What are my options for increasing the value of my building?

How do I manage a dispute with my tenant?

What rights do I have as an owner?

What are the tax implications?

How are gains on real estate calculated?

Development project

How do I value my property?

Is there market demand for my development project?

Do the plans for housing drawn up by my architect align with what tenants and/or buyers are looking for?

Will my project be successful as a rental or sale proposition?

What rental income will it generate?

How much will it sell for?

Are my sale price and/or rent in line with the market?

Can I avoid selling my home?


Should I sell or rent out my property?

Should I manage my own building?

What can I do about empty properties?

Is there a way of increasing the value of my building?

What are the options for changing the use of my building?


How long are works likely to take?

How much will they cost?

What materials should I choose?

What works will increase the value of my building?

Do I need a permit? How do I get one?

Is my project financially profitable?

How many years will it take to get a return on my investment?

Your contact person

Véronique Campiche
Expert in Real Estate Appraisal

“The stakes involved in appraising a property are considerable. Perfect knowledge of the market, analytical and synthetic thinking, as well as a solid financial experience are essential to any valuation assignment.”